The next step in the evolution of our monetary system

I first heard of Bitcoin as some digital asset whose price skyrocketed in 2017 and then again in 2020. Since then, there have been a variety of ‘expert opinions’ regarding investing in Bitcoin. Taking a break from the ocean of price prediction information, let’s try to ask the more fundamental question. What is bitcoin? To truly understand the concept of bitcoin, it is important to know the history of our monetary system.

A brief history of money

As human society progressed, people started to trade stuff with each other. For example, a farmer would exchange a bushel of rice with another farmer for a dozen…

TL;DR: A device that uses quantum mechanics to solve computational problems

If you have been following the latest technological advancements or bingeing on marvel movies, you have probably come across the word ‘quantum’ a lot. It has made it’s way into the list of adjectives like machine learning and block chain which can make anything sound like the next big thing. This ongoing hype drives curiosity but also clouds the boundary between fact and fiction. So coming to our topic, what is a quantum computer?

Rajath Shetty

Student @ BITS Pilani

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